ProEmTech has wide variety of products ranging from Rich Desktop Applications to Mobile Applications.

  • ProMed
  • MIRepo
  • DoctAssist
  • LabNetX
  • W3Lab

ProEmTech provides a complete line of off-the-shelf Medical Data Management products, including data management applications as well as configuration & support services and devices. Our Product Architects designs scalable enterprise applications based on latest technologies considering the market needs.

All our products are highly customizable which enables us to redesign our products suitable for your environment and custom processes.

We believe in developing reusable components which can act as a base of multiple product lines. Such re-usable components reduce cost of development, fasten the product availability to the market and increase the product quality.

Our Rich Desktop Applications (RDA) are developed based on a common product platform, code named ProAppS, which provides standard modules having well documented APIs. In another way ProAppS acts as a framework for all our RDA products based on Java SE and Java Fx.
ProAppS helps our Application Engineers to develop custom applications with ease and in-turn enables ProEmTech to deliver quality products within the project schedule.

ProEmTech ™, in association with PhilArg Devices Private Limited , developed new Healthcare Devices Anges , Vitaux , PresenZ , DoctScript , MedComm .